Wednesday, September 29, 2010

last week, blithe wanted some mommy-blithe time. it seems that it's almost becoming a routine: the kids are with their dad on tuesdays and wednesdays, but on wednesday, blithe wants time with mommy. it makes my heart go up, i'm not gonna lie. well, last week, we went out for dinner and then decided that the perfect dessert was chocolate. sadly, however, the local purveyors of chocolate were closed for the day, so....

we made it ourselves!!!! :)

we went over to bulk barn and got some chocolate melt-y thingies (please tell me you know what i'm talking about) and some skor bits. it was delightful! :) blithe dumped in the chocolate and stirred it while it melted, and then she mixed in the skor bits and helped me to pour it into the little cups. and once they set...


and the best part was that blithe and i got to spend a lovely evening together, just us girls.

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