Friday, August 27, 2010

my girlie :)

in march and april, while asher was in the hospital, blithe and bram stayed with my parents. while there, they went to school next door, where my mom used to teach. they were there for approximately six weeks.

bram enjoyed himself greatly, but blithe! wow! she had a wonderful time! she made a lot of friends and made huge strides academically. she made huge strides in her reading, going from reading some simple books when she started there, to reading age-appropriate books, including easy chapter books, by the time she left. and her writing went from, um, pretty messy to clear and legible and neat! i was thrilled with her progress, and she could not have been more proud of herself. :)

before she came home, she got a special award from the school. she was given the Principal's Award for being "such a good kid in class" (as she puts it), and for being the most improved student in her class! it was such a big accomplishment for her. she insisted on nana (my mom) taking a picture of her with her award and sending it to me in toronto.

(yes, it's taken me a long time to post this. i kept forgetting to send the pic from my phone. my bad.)

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